Uluru Ayers Rock : The Complete Travel Guide

Every time we go to Uluru, we’re immediately awestruck by its presence.

It’s beautiful. It’s stark. It’s dramatic.

Each minute it changes as the sun sweeps across the sky, casting shadows that wax and wane.

Uluru SunsetThere is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.

No glossy brochure can replace what you see and feel when you look at Uluru. You know at once why it’s sacred to Aboriginal people and why people from all over the world come to see it.

Yet despite all this, Ayers Rock has a reputation for being expensive and for some, disappointing.

Yes, it is expensive.

After all, it’s in the middle of Australia! However, we’d like to make sure that you don’t go home disappointed.

Below, you’ll find links to EVERYTHING you need to know before you go, along with information to help you avoid being undewhelmed or paying too much money if you visit Ayers Rock.

Start Here

This is where we bust the biggest lie in Australian tourism: Uluru IS worth the time and effort.

Use our insider’s tips to plan your trip to Uluru -we’ve even worked out exact fuel costs for driving Sydney to Ayers Rock just to prove that Uluru is cheaper than most people think.

The fact is that you can see Uluru cheaply -especially if you’re an Aussie. You just have to do your research and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

In fact, if you’re an Aussie and you haven’t been to Uluru because you’ve heard ‘it’s just a big red rock in the middle of nowhere‘ or ‘it’s cheaper to go to Bali‘ we want you to take yourself aside and give yourself a serious talking to!

You can drive to Uluru from Sydney in 3 days in your ordinary car. Yes, that’s right. Your Mum’s Barina will get there.

It will cost you between $300-$400 in fuel, each way.

In other words, for less than the price of ONE return ticket to Bali, you could drive your entire family to Uluru.

If you’re prepared to stay in a mixture of budget accommodation and camping, you’ll be able to reduce your average daily accommodation costs to less than $100 for a family of four.

Add $300 per week for a mixture of self-catering and meals and you’ve saved over $3000 on the price that you’d pay to take your family to Bali – and that’s worked out on two fabulous weeks in the outback vs just one week in Bali.

I know where I’d rather be going…

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Ayers Rock Facts Getting There When to Visit Ayers Rock Maps

Ayers Rock Accommodation

Accommodation at Ayers Rock comes in all shapes and prices.

We’ve put together our very own insider reviews of Ayers Rock’s accommodation based on our frequent trips to Uluru (we visit for work. A LOT).

We really do know what’s good and bad about the accommodation here … and we’re NOT afraid to say it!

Ayers Rock Hotels Ayers Rock budget accommodation Ayers Rock Campground Budget Tips & Tricks
Ayers Rock Hotels Budget Accommodation Camping/Caravanning Sneaky Budget Tips

Things to See and Do

So… you want to go to Ayers Rock, but what’s to see and do there?

Is it all big red rock and nothing much else?

The good news is that there’s enough to see and do in and around Ayers Rock to take up a couple of days. There’s plenty of walks, activities, and short drives to waterholes or out to Kata Tjuta.

If you’re not driving, then there’s also plenty of tour options which either start at Uluru or at Alice Springs, so you can easily make a round trip of it.

Check out our tips on car hire, the best tours to get you there, and what to see and do when you get there. And no, it’s not all just big red rocks.

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Ayers Rock
Car Hire
Uluru Tours Ayers Rock Attractions Uluru Walks

Want to learn more about Uluru Kata Tjuta National park? This page is a complete guide to the park

Looking for information about the Aboriginal name of Ayers Rock? This page will help you.


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